Friday, August 11, 2017

Zulus! Several of them!

I've painted several dozen 10mm Zulus and British. They are from Magister Militum and are fine figures. I've also been painting Zulus in 1/72, because every wargamer knows the best way to finish a project is to do it in two scales simultaneously! I'm using Jack Scrubys Colonial Rules, very simple and old-school. The mission of the British is to march to the building on the hill and defend it from attack. There are three playing cards for each zulu unit, two are dummies, one represents a real unit. The cards are flipped over when the British get too close or enter the cards line of sight.

The mission on the far side of the table. Those cards would be flipped if the British got there. One or both could be Zulus or dummy cards.

Two British units get ambushed by a horde of Zulus. Only time for one shot before the Zulus are in range and furiously stabbing in melee. Another British unit looks like it might reach the building in the distance...

...but a unit of Zulus was hiding behind the hill!

The British are stabbed to death far from their goal.

The rest of the British, so close to their target, are slaughtered.
A fun first game in this period. The Zulus never ran from rifle fire, but they were so good at ambushing that the British never got more than one volley off at either unit. Once in close combat the superior numbers of the Zulus meant it was just a matter of time until the British were defeated.