Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A German quickie.

Those dastardly Germans are at it again, with all their standard conquering the world and grinding freedom under their jack boots. Buggers. A 1000 pts Bolt Action battle.

1000 pts Point Defence, Americans attacking.

German army
1. 1st LT and 2 men.
2. Major and 2 men.
3. Tiger!
4. Pak 40 anti tank gun.
5. Sdkfz 251 half-track.
6. 5 men with MG42.
7. 5 men with MG42.

American army
1. 1st LT and 2 men.
2. 12 men.
3. 12 men.
4. .30cal MMG.
5. Bazooka team.
6. M4A3 Sherman tank.
7. M3 Halftrack.
8. 57mm anti tank gun.
9. 12 men.

Southern German unit guarding an objective. Copious amounts of pin markers
due to pre-battle artillery. 

Turn 1: Prepatory bombardment spreads pin markers across the German army, luckily half the army was kept in reserve. A 12 man yankee squad shoots up a german squad, killing 3 out of 5 men, including the MG42. The American halftrack races towards the Pak 40 but is destroyed, losing 2 men from the squad it carried.

Turn 2: Two US squads fire at the Pak 40, it's shield preventing all but 1 hit from killing. The German major is killed by rifle fire. The Sherman immobilizes the Tiger.
Turn 2, after most of the Germans have arrived from the left.

Turn 3: The last Germans guarding the southern objective are killed, leaving it wide open. Two large american squads approach the Pak 40.

Turn 4: American riflemen shoot the Pak 40 from the flank, obliterating it and capturing the northern objective. Another American squad is within a stones throw of the southern objective. With the German major dead, the german 1st LT is left in charge. He has only a disabled tank, an empty half track and his own two lackeys. The Americans have lost several men, but no squads and so are almost at full strength. The German LT wisely decides to call it a day and retreats. A very quick loss for the Germans.

The end of the game. All the German units are in the upper left, while
an awful lot of American firepower is trained on them. Can't beat
the fires of freedom, Fritz!

Thoughts: That game was too quick! The Germans wasted points on their Major that should have gone to more riflemen. The Pak40 was wasted as it faced only infantry. The Tiger did very little with its main gun or machine guns. It was being fired on by a bazooka, Sherman and 57mm which meant lots of pin markers and few successful orders. The Americans had a much larger army and easily took two objectives, simply ignoring the Tiger in the center. A good day for the yanks.

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