Monday, November 11, 2013

Bolt Action - Top Secret Scenario

1500 pts (ish) Germans vs. USA in a game of Bolt Action, Top Secret scenario.

Several weeks after D-Day the French Resistance received word that a German scout plane carrying an aide with top secret documents had crashed in a wooded area some what ahead of the American advance. An American force consisting of two platoons was dispatched to the crash site immediately, only to find that the Germans were already there. A fierce battle ensued.

1. 2nd LT
2. Infantry x 10 with LMG and PF
3. Tiger
4. Infantry x 5
5. Fallschirmjager x 10, inc. 3 SMG and two Assault Rifles.
6. Pak 40 Anti-tank gun.
7. Tiger
8. 2nd LT
9. Infantry x 7
10. Infantry x 7
=1504 pts

1. 1st LT plus 2 men
2. Infantry x 12
3. Infantry x 12
4. Bazooka team
5. Sniper
6. Light Mortar (never hit anything all game)
7. 57mm anti-tank gun
8. M4A3 Sherman
9. M3 half-track
10. 1st Lt + 2
11. Infantry x 12
12. Infantry x 12
13. M4A3
=1534 pts

In a Top Secret scenario only one thing matters - get the objective and get it off your side of the table! The americans first drove their M3 right at the objective and prepared to unload soldiers. German units advanced, some running and some advancing more slowly with covering fire. Every unit from both sides entered in the first turn, except the Fallschirmjager who failed their roll. Embarassing for elite troops I'm sure! A large bloody melee broke out in the center with men dying from point blank fire and assaults. The American infantry got ahold of the briefcase holding the orders and just climbed into their M3 for a quick get-away, when the half-track was blown sky high by a Tiger. Both Tigers dominated the center of the battlefield, both with heavy fire and as a physical obstacle.

Then the Fallschirmjager finally arrived, ran up to the objective and slaughtered everyone nearby to claim it for themselves. Then began to sprint for their home lines but were wiped out to a man in a ridiculously accurate burst of rifle fire from an american squad. The objective lay unclaimed until a German second lieutenant grabbed it with the last activation of the turn. The germans then got the first activation of the next turn, and he sprinted right off the table, secret orders clutched to his chest.

Germanys secrets were secure for the moment, leaving the allies to only wonder what they missed out on.

The Tigers dominate the center.
The yank riflemen killed numerous germans. The Sherman on the
hill fired many times from his lofty perch, but scored nothing more than
pin markers on the Tigers.
Two Tigers? I wouldn't want to be those Americans.
The sneaky German leutnant scampers for safety.

Today is Rememberance day.