Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Old Game - Kryomek

In the early nineties their was a neat SF game called Kryomek. It features aliens who look a lot like the ones from the "aliens" movies vs. humans. Definetely good fodder for a war-game there. The  Kryomek aliens are nasty little hellion grunts, bigger warrior aliens with weapons, and the huge warmaster who tells everyone else what to do. Most of the humans are nexus marines, plus colonial marines and the elite swat marines. There are also Cyclos, convicted criminals controlled with drugs and pain to fight. The rules are available free in PDF from Scotia Grendel (requires account), and they also sell the figures for a reasonable price. I just happened to discover this game by accident while trolling my favourite internet retailers, and of course in a fit of war gamer enthusiasm I bought more than I'll probably ever use, but at least figures don't have an expiry date!

On to the game: A force of marines, swat marines and cyclos must defend a human settlement from an approaching force of nasty Kryomek aliens. There are three buildings. Kryomek can destroy the building by starting their activation touching the door. If they can destroy two of the three buildings by turn 8 they win. Otherwise the humans are victorious.

Humans deploy elite troops in front of each building, with others scattered around. No one know what direction the Kryomek are coming from.

The Kryomek reveal themselves! A unit of three warriors armed with bio-acid spray take out some humans.

All the Kryomek swarming into the settlement.

Troops armed with flamers take out some warriors, and leave one wounded.

Kryomek close in on one building.

The building is breached! The people inside provide a tasty snack.

But wait-the Colonial marines take out the Warmaster in close combat! The Kryomek are now without orders.

By turn 8 only scattered Kryomek remain - and more importantly two buildings remain intact! Victory for the humans!

A fun game. Kryomek works best with scenarios, it doesn't even have a points system, at least not in the main rulebook. There's an add on book I haven't looked into yet.

I hope everyone had a good 2015 and a nice Christmas. I'm really excited about my newest toys, with even more neat stuff winging its way swiftly towards my painting table through international post. Really looking forward to the new year, happy gaming everyone!