Sunday, May 11, 2014

History repeats itself

England vs. France, 100 years war, WAB, 1000pts.

French knights, Genoese crossbowmen sensibly placed behind a hedge,
French knights in a narrow formation to avoid terrain, and crossbowmen
in fast march formation, ready to cross a bridge.

Archers, billmen, archers, dismounted knights, archers.

The heroes of France charge across the battlefield.

The heroes of France meet some English and run away.

These knights lock into combat with the archers.

English knights charge the stalemate in the flank.

After a brutal battle, the French flee. Count Waleran, French general, is killed
by Henry V in a challenge. 

The death of the general makes the Genoese flee as well.

At this point the game was over. The French scored not a single point, while only having one unit left. I didn't even add up the scores out of respect for France. But it's still always fun to get medieval!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Skinny win

The English
Earl of Oxford
15 dismtd Knights
12 Billmen
10 archers
10 archers
8 archers
All with stakes
993 points, 57 foot figures

The French
7 knights
7 knights
19 Genoese crossbowmen with Pavises.
994pts, 16 mounted and 19 foot

The English: archers, knights,archers, billmen, more archers.

Two squadrons of haughty knights flanking Genoese mercenaries.

Walerans unit fails a panic test and flees.

Count Roberts unit fails its charge up the difficult hill.

The english left flank archers panic from Genoese crossbow bolts.

Count Roberts knights ascend the treacherous slope and break the archers.
Seeing this, the billmen in the background flee too.

King Henry's knights break Waleran.

Count Robert returns from pursuing off table to rout some more archers.

Henry and friends surge across the battlefield and attack the Genoese. They win,
but the Genoese hold.
Final score: England 509pts France 504pts. A nasty battle of attrition that was so close its hard to call it a win! Close games are the most fun.

Thanks for reading!