Saturday, January 26, 2013

Terry Wise WWII rules

Back to old-school wargaming. Playing modern games like Bolt Action is fun, but so is going back to the very root of the hobby. Terry Wise "Introduction to Battle Gaming" was one of the first wargaming books ever and got a lot of grognards into the hobby. And several decades later the rules are still fun.

This is a world war II battle. The Americans have been tasked with taking a German village that dominates an important crossroads.

The Germans: 1 company of 3 platoons. Each platoon has 10 men including an SMG, MG42 and a panzerfaust. They have one officer, a tiger tank and a pak 40 AT gun.

The Americans: 1 company of 3 platoons. Each platoon has 10 men including an SMG and a bazooka, except for third platoon which has no bazooka. There is also a heavy weapons platoon of 2 MG's. A sherman tank, 6 pounder anti-tank gun and 3 officers round out the assault force.

The village and its german defenders. Two intact buildings on the left, two ruined on
the right. German platoons in each intact building and the foremost ruined one. A tiger
stalks behind the village, with a Pak 40 in the forest in the distance. The americans will
enter from the right.

The Pak 40 awaits its prey, the Tiger waits in reserve.
Turn 1: An american platoon takes the hill, the other 2 platoons take the right most forest. The six pounder approaches from the far side of the hill. No one is in range to shoot.

Turn 2: The Sherman arrives and drives straight towards the center of town. All other americans advance. The Tiger fires at the Sherman, but misses.

The Americans advancing.
Turn 3: The Sherman blasts five Germans in the ruined building, riflemen kill 3 more, but return fire kills 3 americans.

Turn 4: The Germans in the ruined building are wiped out, but manage to kill 2 yanks first. The Tiger hits the Sherman, blasting its treads and leaving it sitting in place.

Turn 5: The 6 pounder destroys the Pak 40. The Germans in one of the buildings kill 2 Americans, taking 2 causalties in return.

Turn 6: The Tiger kills six more Americans, with the Germans in the adjacent building killing 2 more. 

Turn 7: The Tiger kills 4 more americans. 

The Americans killed most  of the Germans in the building across the road,
but then the Tiger arrived and nearly killed all of them, leaving only these
two behind.
Turn 8: The Americans needed only another kill or two on the Germans to force a retreat, but their advance was completely out of steam. They had almost no firepower in range of the German positions, their Sherman couldn't move, and the Tiger with its long range cannon was slaughtering them. The Captain called a retreat. 4 more Americans were killed by the Tiger, but the bazooka men stayed behind to try and hold off the Tiger long enough for their comrades to escape.

Turn 9: The Americans start to flee the table.
Fleeing Americans. The Tiger can be seen in the distance, poking its cannon
around the edge of the building, killing stragglers.
Turn 10: The Tiger kills one bazooka man.

Turn 11: The Tiger continued to pursue, killing one more man.

Turn 12: The surviving Americans escape as well as their six pounder. The last remaining Bazooka man surrenders.

Time to add up the points! In Terry Wise's rules you get points for your troops which survived.

11 points for surviving soldiers
1/2 point for their bazooka man taken prisoner
5 points for their remaining machine gun
10 points for their anti-tank gun
= 26.5 points.

50 points for winning the game
13 points for survivors
1/2 point for their prisoner
15 points for the Tiger
5 points for capturing the damaged Sherman
= 83.5 points

Thoughts: A fun game! Nothing at all like Bolt Action, but still fun. I would like to use Terry Wise's generic army organization diagram, so I need 2 more companies (six more platoons) of infantry to make a full regiment. I also need some troop transports to ferry my guys around quicker. I look forward to playing this again, once I have more figures painted.