Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Drowning in Conscripts

My Napoleonic armies are growing at a satisfying pace, so it's time to fight a battle.

The French
General La Porte, CnC 100pts
General Le Blanc, general Le Jeune: 80 pts

General Le Blancs brigade:
3 Line Battalions 177 pts
2 Bavarian Battalions 136 pts

General Le Jeunes brigade:
4 Conscript battalions 180 pts

Generals Porte and LeBlanc are bold, Le Jeune is cautious

673 pts

LeBlancs line troops on the left, LeJeunes conscripts on the right.
The Prussians

CnC General Heinz 100 pts
Generals Verbot and Weir - 100pts

Verbots brigade
4 Musketeer battalions 272 pts
2 six pounder cannons 90 pts

Weir's brigade
9 Cuirassiers 90 pts

652 pts

All generals cautious.

Prussian Cuirassiers, 2 six pounders, 4 battalions of line. The six pounders scored
a total of only 2 hits all game - time to cane those guys!

The French advance right across the field, sending skirmishers ahead.

A cuirassier charge sends the conscripts in on the left fleeing (later rallied), but their charge is stopped
by a hastily formed square. Although I notice some of these poorly trained troops
are facing the wrong direction!

A sneaky battalion attempts to take the prussians in the rear.

This time the conscripts in the foreground flee the cuirassiers charge, but
another square stymies the cavalry again. Meanwhile they are taking musket fire.

Cuirassiers shot at from three sides - wiped out by shooting.

A book of army lists from the 80's. It made my troop organizations more fun.

While the cuirassiers were getting shot up, two prussian battalions rout after
musket fire from regulars, and one cannon has been removed. One battalion was rallied.

The two battalions in the lower left corner are all that remain of the Prussians.
The French conscripts destroyed the Prussian cavalry. In the centre regulars from both sides gave as well as they got. The Prussians did well on their left, but only destroyed two bavarian battalions and it wasn't enough. French win 344-316. A close battle, a four percent difference from the starting strengths. Neat! Better luck next time Heinz, and maybe train some new artillery crews as well.

Thanks for reading!