Sunday, September 7, 2014

June 19th to July 4th - Conclusion of Forgotten Germany

June 19th - Bavaria officially begins to mobilize its troops - too little, too late.
June 24th - Prussian 2nd regiment and Landwehr arrive at the muster point of hex 1216. The 1st and cuirassiers are in 1625.
June 27th - The French arrive at the town in 1604 and take it unopposed.
July 2nd - The Prussian army has all arrived at hex 1216. France is nearby at 1514.
July 3rd 1807 - The two armies meet in hex 1415 after a long days march, neither engages.
July 4th - The final battle between the field armies of Prussia and France takes place.

The Prussian army: 2940 men, 720 cavalry, 3 batteries.

Prussian right flank.

Prussian left flank. Landwehr hiding behind the forest.

The French Army: 5280 men.

The voltigeurs.

The Chasseurs.

The battle begins. Prussian cuirassiers charge through the French empty centre, looking for flank charges.

The cuirassiers blast through one Chasseur unit, but get stuck in with another that manages to form square.

The battlefield starting to look empty. Then the weather turned to rain, halving movement and severely hampering musket fire.

Center: The only Prussian unit remaining. All others have fled or been killed. Four units of Voltigeurs move in for the kill.

The remaining Prussians formed square. They were charged from four sides, the rain making their defensive fire ineffective. The voltigeurs won the combat, forcing the Prussians to attempt to flee, but quickly surrendered because they were surrounded. Victory France.

France: 2160 killed, 1140 wounded. Prussia: 1080 killed, 540 prisoner. A Pyrrhic victory for France.

The Prussian army is destroyed. Barely any of the French army remains, but they still win the campaign.

That leaves France in sole control of Forgotten Germany. Hope you liked my little campaign!