Tuesday, September 2, 2014

June 2nd - June 18th 1807

June 2nd, 1807 - France is uncomfortable with Prussia upsetting the balance of power, and declares war.
June 10th - All French forces are mustered at hex 3611
June 14th - French forces cross the border into Prussias newly won territory.
June 18th, 8:00pm - French forces arrive at hex 2116, a town recently conquered from Bavaria by Prussia. Battle occurs in the dusk. The poor light affects the artillery.

The towns Prussian garrison - Musketeers, more musketeers garrisoning the town, two 6 pounder batteries, and Landwehr.

The French come charging onto the battlefield, voltigeurs in front skirmishing, followed by columns of chasseurs.

The outnumbered Prussias fight for an hour then retreat. The towns garrison repels an assault then marches out the rear of the town unharmed. The batteries manage to limber up and escape. The Landwehr flee in panic. The musketeers to the left turn to march away, get charged in the rear, then make their escape in panicked flight.

The French have taken the town! The French lost 540 dead and 240 wounded. The Prussians lost 180 dead and 180 prisoners. The French may have taken the town, but took more causalties in the process.