Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elvish Retaliation

After the slaughter of the elves, the elvish king summoned Telor the Hippogriff rider to his court and begged him to take command of the counter-offensive. Telor was a controversial choice with a very mixed record of victory, defeat and running away, but the king knew that Lomsec, his trusty wizard would be there to take over if things went wrong. The elvish army set out and met the invading beastmen. The elvish army is Telor on his mighty Hippogriff, Caradryan the the hero and Lomsec the level 20 wizard. They command 5 silver helms and 16 warrior kindred armed with spears.
Telor, warrior kindred, silver helms, Lomsec in the background.

The beastly army is led by Zorn the chaos knight, Bazor the Beast Hero and Malagor the beastly shaman. They lead 4 mounted chaos warriors and 15 beastmen. Both armies are 1500pts.

Beastmen, then chaos warriors.

Elves on the left, beasts on the right. A magical tape
measure sits in the foreground.

Turn 1: The elves all advance. Lomsec casts a lightning bolt that kills three hideous beastmen. Malagor the beast shaman casts a fireball that slays 1 silver helm. Magic missiles are mighty indeed when they disallow armour saves!

Turn 2: Lomsec really earns his keep with a mighty lightning bolt that destroys 4 chaos warriors and wounds Zorn. Zorn charges into the elf warriors and challenges Caradryan to a duel. Zorns mighty frostblade easily sucks the life out of Caradryans soul, but the press of warriors is enough to force Zorn into a rout.
Caradryan lies still, a frozen husk.

Turn 3: Telor swoops after Zorn on his hippogriff, chasing him right off the battlefield. The Silverhelms fight the beastmen, pushing back and forth with no one able to get an advantage. Lomsec casts Cause Stupidity on the beasts, but they shrug off the effects.

Turn 4: The warrior kindreds and Telor charge into the beastmen as they fight with the silverhelms. The beasts fail their panic test and are all quickly slain or fled.

End game.

In all, a decent fun game, although it took as long to set up as it did to play! Lomsec was the most important warrior, single handedly destroying the beasts best unit.