Saturday, September 1, 2012

Julius Crassus gets revenge

Dearest Gaius, how very different are the circumstances of this letter than the last! I trust you will be the first to hear the glorious news, I am entrusting the letter to my nephew Trebonius, himself carrying the official dispatch from Crassus himself.

As you will no doubt recall, after Julius Crassus unauthorized and disastrous attack on the Gothians his honour was at an all time low, and some whispered that the emperor may imprison him - or worse. All will be forgiven now, I can assure you!

Julius Crassus mustered what was left of his army, and called in every favour from every client he possesses. He put together a large cohort, and even 300 cavalry! The gothians were brought to battle near a small hamlet and its fields. The Goths held their line back, with a catapult firing from atop a hill, and a ballista shot at our cavalry skewering several with each volley. Julius ordered his 120 archers to take and hold a small wood from which they could fire at the catapult, eventually slaying its crew. Meanwhile the legionarii and cavalry advanced steadily. The cavalry was slowed down by the hamlets fields, yet they advanced never-the-less.
Our cavalry in the foreground advance through the field, while the
cowardly gothians wait while their siege machines do all the fighting.
At this point - Gods be praised and glory to our general Julius Crassus! - the Gothians nerve failed at our relentless advance, and they fled without a blow struck. Their general managed to rally them back to the battle, yet when our legionarii and cavalry charged they fled once more, this time for good. Our cavalry lost 23 men and our archers lost only 14, all due to Gothian artillery.

After a mighty victory like this, their is only one thing a true roman could do...advance and conquer! Much glory to Rome and her mighty legions.

Truly, friend Gaius, words cannot alone express Romes glory so here I will end this missive, young Trebonius is saddled and impatiently awaiting my finishing this letter. So without further ado, good luck and glory to Rome...always!