Sunday, August 31, 2014

May 14th to 16th, 1807

May 14th 1807 - Bavaria requests aid from France but is politely refused.
May 15th - Prussian 2nd regiment and Landwehr plus two batteries attack the Bavarian town in hex 2116, defended by the Bavarian second regiment.

The Prussians prepare. The landwehr are on the left of the picture.

One battalion of Bavarians are just outside the town, while another garrisons the town itself.

A single Prussian battalion approaches while the battery fires in support, and the other two
battalions prepare to assault the town.

The much reduced bavarians fight on, while assault columns approach in the distance.

The Prussians converge on the town in a bloody brawl that lasts 30 minutes, and ends with Prussia as the
undisputed masters of the town.

Prussia takes the town. Prussia loses 120 dead musketeers, and 180 landwehr. 360 Bavarians are taken prisoner, 360 escape, and 720 are dead.

May 16th - Bavaria surrenders. They give up all rights to the two towns conquered by Prussia, and in return receive their prisoners back.

Another mini-campaign with two small battles. My map was big enough this time, but I still need more miniatures. We'll just have to see what gets painted next! Thanks for reading.