Friday, December 21, 2012

Blood on Haggis Moor

Time for Henry V to try and get some revenge on those dastardly Scots. This is an 800pt wrg 6th game fought between a Scots Common army and an English Hundred Years War   army.

The Scottish Army consists of :
1. Earl Angus of Haggis Moor, PA and 10 SHK Irr C knights.
2. 6 Sergeants Irr C HI
3. 24 Spearmen Irr C MI LTS Sh Mtd. on Pony (Mounted infantry)
4. Same as 3
5. Same as 3

The English:
1. King Henry and 7 SHK Reg B men at arms, all fighting dismounted.
2. 8 men @ arms as above.
3. Like 2
4. 6 Hobilars Irr C MC
5. 16 Archers LMI Reg C 2HCW (giving them a big boost in hand to hand)
6. As 5

A group of doughty Scots.

The Armies laid out: English in the distance, Scots up front. The English
are (left to right) m@a, archers, m@a+Henry, archers, m@a, Hobilars. The Scottish are Sergeants
(off camera to the left), Spearmen, Spearmen, Spearmen, Scottish SHK knights.

This game will last for 6 turns.

Turn 1: The Scottish army approaches, and English archers shoot 26 of them.

Turn 2: The 220 Scottish knights charge into (and are counter-charged by) 120 Hobilars. Archery was inneffective, but 4 Scots knights were killed and a few more spearmen. The Scots knights inflicted a whopping 45 causalties on the Hobilars who only did 4 in return. They broke, naturally.

Scottish knights fighting the Hobilars. Why is the Scottish standard the
St. Georges cross? Historians would be outraged.
Turn 3: This turn the English archers kill 31 spearmen, and 5 knights. There were no melees this turn.

Turn 4: Scots knights charge english men at arms and two units of spearmen charge the rest of the english line. The Hobilars flee the table. The English m@a recoil the Scottish Knights of Earl Angus. Both spearmen units - including one which is impetuous - recoil. Their men at arm foes follow them up but the archers decide not to. A mistake, as it turns out.

Turn 5: The spearmen who weren't followed up charge right back into the foe. The spearmen who had been blocked by the swamp finally arrive within charge range of the English lines, but fail their reaction test to charge. The English men at arms push back the Scottish Knights once more, and since they are only C class, they break and flee, taking Earl Angus and his army standard with them! A major blow against the pride of Scotland. A group of spearmen fighting another body of m@a break as well.

Turn 6: The Scottish sergeants on the far left of their line finally clear the forest, turn and charge some men at arms in the flank, breaking them, but not before those same men at arms break a group of spearmen. Another unit of spearmen break their archer foes.
The battlefield at the end of the game. Ignore those Hobilars in the
foreground, they snuck back in when no one was looking.
Final Score: England 444 vs. Scotland 278. A clear victory for England. King Henry says "Jolly good, now lets get back to the war in France. Much better wine there."