Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hold for Reinforcements again

My second game of Bolt Action. I rolled up an identical scenario with the Germans defending once again. The Bridge had to be held, the side with a unit within 3" of it at the end of the battle wins, unless both armies claim it in which case it is a draw.

1. Veteran 2nd LT and two riflemen.
2. Veteran Sniper Team
3. 5 man squad, 2 SMG, Browning Automatic Rifle and Tank Grenades
4. 5 man squad, 2 SMG and tank grenades

1. 2nd Lieutenant and 2 extra men.
2. Panzer II
3. 8 man squad, 1 MG42 LMG, 2 SMG.

Both armies are approximetely 300 pts. A small starter sized game.

Another battle, another bridge. Germans on the right with a large squad in the
woods, a 2nd LT and two riflemen nearby. Americans behind the NW woods and
SW woods.
Turn 1: The American squad in the NW woods opens fire on the germans, all missing. The germans could not score a casualty either. The american sniper also missed. Then the German Panzer II arrived, fired at the americans with an HE shell, and killed 1 yank.

The Panzer II arrives from the east to fight the large number of
americans in the far woods.

Turn 2: The Panzer II fired its MMG this time, but missed all 4 shots. The other germans missed as well and the american sniper couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. The large american squad successfully rallied, removing it's pin markers.

Turn 3: The southern US squad took the bridge. The Panzer fired it's MMG at them but missed because of the heavy stone railing of the bridge. The US squad advanced on the tank, then fired on the germans in the woods, killing one rifleman and took out the MG42. 6 German riflemen advanced on the bridge and fired at the americans there at point blank range, but only caused one kill.

Americans and germans engage in point blank fire for control of
the bridge.
Turn 4: The yank squad on the bridge fired across it at their german foes, killing two. The Panzer MMG killed a single american. The germans at the bridge tried to rally but went down instead. A brave american squad tried to assault the panzer, but a FUBAR result made them run away. The americans on the bridge were wiped out by lucky firing from the german LT and his riflemen.

Turn 5: The Panzer's MMG totally missed its US targets. The Germans on the bridge rallied. They weren't going anywhere. One US squad failed its order test while two others missed all shots.

Turn 6: The Panzer scored a lucky hit killing the american LT. A US squad made a desperate run at the bridge, reaching the foot of it. The roll for an extra turn was failed, so the game was over.

The end of the game, americans and germans face off across the bridge.
Both armies had men within 3" of the bridge objective, so the game was a draw!

It was fun to use my new tank. I also like how the game lasted all 6 turns without one side getting wiped out before hand like in my last game (though that was mostly because I got some rules wrong). A fun game and I look forward to playing more Bolt action.