Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bolt Action

I was conservatively hoping to play a game of Bolt Action by January, but lucky me, I have (barely) enough figures painted to play a starter game here on Christmas! So stuffed full of stuffing, I got to play my first game in a whole new period.

I rolled up a "Hold for Reinforcements" scenario. The Germans were the defenders, the Americans the attackers. Whoever had possession of the vital bridge at the end of the game was the winner.

The Americans had: A 2nd lientenant with two men, a six man squad with 2 SMG's, a 7 man squad with 2 SMG's and LMG, and a sniper team.

The Germans had: 2nd lieutenant with two men and 3 squads each with 4 rifles and an LMG team.

The vital bridge is in the centre. The Germans are on the left, except for
Americans in the far back left, and Americans on the right. The US sniper
team is on the bottom right.
Turn 1: The US sniper fires at the germans to the south of the bridge, missing but still adding a pin marker. That german unit then fired it's MG42 LMG and rifles, killing many americans in the back far left, the rest promptly scattered.

Turn 2: The US sniper targeted the same unit again, this time killing the MG42 gunner who had just slain his buddies. The Germans in the forest got ambush orders. The Americans advanced into shooting range and the germans sprang their ambush, killing several. American return fire killed two germans. The german unit by the hedges was ordered forward but failed an order test and hit the dirt instead. Their morale was low because of the sniper fire.

Turn 3: The sniper plugged another german, whose unit then rallied. The german and american units in the forests traded fire.

Turn 4: The germans took possession of the bridge, another unit killed the sniper and the remaining americans were slaughtered by their german foes. The only remaining american was the LT, who make a strategic withdrawal. Germans win!

The germans who took the bridge.

Two german squads in the woods.
An M26 tactical dice cup, manufactured by Yoplait Industries.
A fun first game. I'll read through the rules again now that I'm more familiar with how things work. It'll be fun to add tanks and buildings to the game. Obviously I need more figures to bulk up my armies, and that'll be my project for the next while. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!