Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fire place and Rifle Fire

Bad weather makes for a productive day, gaming, painting and blogging wise. So why not turn on the fireplace channel and do some gaming?

The fireplace channel. The tackiest Christmas tradition ever, but at least
they play nice seasonal music!

Bolt Action, 440 points, Maximum Attrition scenario. Maximum attrition isn't really a scenario at all, it's just a contest to blow away the most foes. I think I can handle that.

USA Reinforced Platoon
1. 2nd LT plus 2 men.
2. Bazooka Team
3. Squad A: 12 men, 2 SMG, 1 Browning Automatic Rifle
4. Squad B: Same as above.

German Reinforced Platoon, with Armour Assets
1. Leutnant with 2 men.
2. Wehrmacht Squad, 10 Men and 2 MG42's.
3. Panzer II #113
4. Panzer II #114

The opposing platoons enter the battlefield. Americans on the
left, Germans on the right.
Turn 1: American Squads A+B enter, each heading for forest cover. The Wehrmacht squad does the same on their side. Panzer 113 gets a line of sight on Squad A, killing 1. Panzer 114 attacks Squad B, killing 2 including the BAR. The Bazooka enters the battlefield and fires on Panzer 113, missing it and leaving themselves in a very exposed position.

Turn 2: Panzer 113 blasts the bazooka team, killing the loader but the other guy survives. He immediately returns fire, blowing panzer 113 sky high! SquadA advances, killing the MG42 in the German squad. The wehrmacht fire back, killing 3 yanks in squad A.

Squad A on the left trades fire with the germans on the right for the
rest of the game.
Turn 3: Squad B runs around behind the large central hill to avoid panzer 114. Panzer 114 pursues and shoots but misses.

Turn 4: Squad B runs the rest of the way around the hill to fire at the german infantry. Squad A tries to rally but hits the dirt instead. The bazooka man sets an ambush for the panzer should it come any farther around the hill.

Turn 5: Panzer 114 drives around the friendly side of the central hill to avoid bazooka fire, only to be assaulted by squad B with tank grenades! However the assault fails.

Squad B bravely assaults the tank, but fails to harm it.

Turn 6 (final turn): Panzer 114 sprays Squad B with MMG fire for 3 kills, but fails to break the unit.

The game was over. In Maximum Attrition, each side gets 1 point for each unit destroyed. The yanks destroyed 1 unit (panzer 113) while the germans damaged several units but didn't destroy any. The score is 1-0, not a big enough advantage for a win, so call this one a draw. A fun game nonetheless.

The Wehrmacht stands strong, their Leutnant right behind them. Squad
B is in the forest in the background, with Panzer 114 barely
visible beyond them.