Friday, August 29, 2014

1807 Campaign

In 1807 Prussia decides to restart the war with Bavaria. I made a new, much larger hex map for this one.

May 1st 1807: Prussia begins mobilizing its troops.
May 10th: Prussia's first regiment and cuirassiers cross the border into Bavaria.
May 12th: 1st regiment and cuirassiers attack the Bavarian town in hex 2529.

There's the town. Prussian units approach while a bavarian unit fires.

Bavarian musketeers first fall back, then turn and get a flank charge on arrogant cuirassiers
who forgot to move out of position. Not to worry, the much more deadly cuirassiers fight off
the flank charge and take the Bavarians prisoner.

Three Prussian columns converge on the town, slaughter the garrison and win the battle.
The Prussians then added the town to their kingdom.
The Bill: Prussia: 780 musketeers dead, 360 wounded. 60 Cuirassiers wounded. The wounded will be ready to fight again in about a week. 
Bavaria: 780 killed, 1140 prisoners.

May 13th: A day late, Bavaria begins mobilizing.
May 15th, noon: Prussian second regiment and Landwehr battalion arrive at the Bavarian town in hex 2116.