Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Forgotten Germany - A Napoleonic Campaign

Welcome to Forgotten Germany, a little noticed or mentioned piece of the former Holy Roman Empire. The rest of Europe cares little what happens here, there is very little of strategic value to fight over. Armies here are counted in regiments, not divisions. As Europe burns with the Napoleonic wars, no belligerent pursues these lands with any interest, and generals assigned here are third rate at best. These generals are left almost entirely to themselves, even making and breaking alliances with foreign powers with no regard for their nations stance!

On May 1st 1806, General Pierre of France is ordered to take this area for the French empire. General Heinz of Prussia begins mobilizing his forces in response seven days later.

May 7th: The last regiment of Voltigeurs arrives at the French muster area and are ready to march. 
May 13th: Prussians finish mustering at Schornberg.
May 15th: French cross the river Muse by ford.
May 16th: French take Barkensnapt unopposed. Prussians attempt to enter French lands by way of Bavarian territory - Bavaria doesn't respond well and declares war!
May 21st: Bavaria begins mobilizing their troops.
May 22nd: Prussia attacks the Bavarian city of Warink.

May 22nd 1806: The Battle of Warink.

Warink is defended by a single regiment of Bavarians.

Prussians attack with a regiment of cuirassiers and four battalions of infantry - the rest of
their army kept in reserve.

Bavarian musketry sends the battalion on the right retreating through the battalion on the left -
they are now both unorganized.

Prussian curiassiers charge the diminished Bavarian square, breaking both it and
the bavarian line behind them.

The single remaining bavarian battalion retreats to reform another day. Victory Prussia.

The Butchers Bill:
240 Prussians killed, 120 wounded.
420 Bavarians taken prisoner, 540 dead.

The small Bavarian army has taken losses it can ill afford. The Prussian army is mostly intact, while the French have yet to shed blood.

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