Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Battle of Shornberg - 1806

May 23rd 1806 - Prussia leaves a garrison of 300 in Bavarias capital, then marches back north to defend their territory from the French.

May 25th - Bavarias second regiment, plus survivors from the first, arrive at their capital and easily capture the Prussian garrison and retake their city.

May 26th - France takes the city of Floft and leaves a garrison.

May 29th - The Prussian army arrives back in their capital and waits.

May 30th - France takes the city of Steinshaft. France now controls all prussian territory except their capital. 

May 31st - Bavarian army arrives at the gates of Shornberg the Prussian capital, and elects to wait for the French to arrive.

June 3rd - The French and Bavarian armies attack and the battle of Shornberg begins.

Prussian right flank. Curiassiers in the rear, Landwehr in the forest.

Prussian left flank. Grand battery on the left side of the picture, musketeers and a howitzer battery
on the hill.

The French. Voltigeurs and Chasseurs.

The Bavarians.

Somewhat later in the battle, Bavarian regiments wheel about onto the Prussian rear.

The Prussian Landwehr cheer as they destroy a unit of Voltigeurs.

But the rest of the Prussian army is destroyed in a battle of attrition from musket fire and
charges. The Landwehr are taken prisoner, and only the cuirassiers and howitzer make it to
safety. The grand battery was forced to flee from combat with the Voltigeurs.

The French and Bavarians are now the uncontested rulers of this corner of Forgotten Germany. Their were only two battles in this campaign, but lots of fun map maneuvering. I like the Solo Wargamers Guide campaign rules, and they work well with Guard Du Corps. Until next time, thanks for reading!