Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Battle of Gorahna

Nagashor, the mighty necromancer, has raised a horde of skeletons and is assaulting the Elvish trading town of Gorahna, on the south-western coast of the old world.

The town of Gorahna. Happy elves prance about.
The elf prince Telion on his loyal hippogrif Gywndir have recently arrived in Gorahna after the mysterious death of the governor. Telion wears a prescious amulet of Thrice-Blessed copper, which Nagashor desires greatly. His undead horde approached the town and battle is joined.

A viscious wolf skulks nearby, looking to eat any stragglers.
The High Elf host: Telion on Hippogriff, spearmen, archers + mage, more spearmen.

Brains! Brains and a tossed salad with french dressing!
Nagashor summons a unit of 15 skeletons.
Telion goes to inspect the baggage train.
The 1000 point battle starts out with a little light archery, killing a few skeletons. Nagashor casts 'Total Control' to keep his minions from stupidity. Telion charges into Nagashor, hoping for a quick kill and early end to the fight, but Nagashor and his zombies send him flying away, screaming like a little elf girl.

Sorelor the elf wizard (level 1) casts steal mind at the necromancer, but accomplishes nothing other than wasting both his own and Nagashors power. Telion rallied and charged the necromancer again, but was defeated and fled for good this time. It looked to turn into a battle of attrition, but the far unit of elves sent a unit of zombies running. Yes, in second edition zombies can run away!
Apparently pansy elves are scarier than rotting dead guys.

But we already killed those guys sir! 
Nagashor had finally regained enough constitution points to cast summon undead horde again. The elves had nearly defeated a unit of skeletons, but now they were right back where they started. Telion, from far in the rear, sounded the retreat. Nagashor plunders the town of Gorahna to his hearts content, but the thrice-blessed copper amulet was halfway back to lothern by then.

Conclusions: A fun game, very different than editions 6,7 and 8. I'd like to play it again, maybe this time ignoring the "advanced rules" section, at least for now. I love the magic system, there's a lot of cool spells, many of which require a gamemaster to adjudicate. That's all for now, thanks for reading.