Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I recently received Warhammer Second Edition in the mail from Always excellent service. While my copy is missing the box, everything else is in great condition, including the Magnificent Sven cardboard figures, the reference sheet and errata. Strangely, my copy of the Battle Bestiary is missing the second staple. It didn't fall out, there's just no sign it was ever stapled in the first place! Well, that was 1984 and my High Elf army book I bought last year had pages falling out from the beginning, so some things don't change I guess. I'll be playing WFB 2.0 with modern figures, though not all GW figures. Getting original 1980's figures off ebay is too much hassle and expense. While I played WFB 6,7 and 8 a lot (especially 6) I'll need to learn a lot to play 2nd "right". But not getting got up in the rules is part of what I like about Old School.

I like old school historical games (Tony Bath, WRG 6th) and RPG's (Rolemaster 1st) this is my first go at old school warhammer. Should be fun.