Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Assault on Castle Neuswaschtein

Nozalor the Elf Wizard seeks an orb of life so that he can rescue Telion from his undead curse. He and Caradryan head north into the chaos lands, following rumours that the chaos warlord Goroth has an orb of life in his Castle Neuswaschtein.
The Dragon Princes and Nozalor will assault the main gate.

The spearelfs will attack from the west.
The sword masters will attack from the east.
Nozalor cast Ghostly Appearance on himself, making himself appear as a lordly vampire.  
Azgul the Chaos Wizard casts Cause Stupidity on the elf spearmen, making them drop their scaling ladders and wander about aimlessly for the rest of the battle.

Yup, those elves are some stupid.

The swordmasters charged at the walls, ladders in hand, and two were shot dead by chaos crossbowmen. The dragon princes and Nozalor assaulted the main gate.
"Is that Chaos Warlord pointing at ME?" 
Nozalor cast his Smash spell, heavily damaging the castle gate and leaving it with a single wound remaining.  Elsewhere the swordmasters were thrown off the walls and fled for the hills.

"I think I left the water running."
Azgul the chaos wizard cast several fireballs at the dragon princes, slaying several. At this point, with the gate still mostly intact and most of the elf army dead, fled, or stupid, Nozalor sounded the retreat. A dark day for the elves.