Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Battle of the Plains of Slaybraham

The Elf Prince Telion has returned from far off Lothern, after his cowardly flight in an earlier battle. He comes with the finest warriors the elven kingdoms have to offer, swordmasters and mounted dragon princes. He is astride Gwyndir his Hippogriff, and Sorelor the wizard is at his side. Nagashor feels invincible with his undead horde and advances on the tiny elven host, for a battle in the middle of the plains of slaybraham.

View from the Elven lines.
The Undead horde
The proceedings started with Sorelor casting a fireball that killed two zombies. Not to be outdone, Nagashor summoned a unit of 26 skeletons. The elven mage cast a zone of steadfastness, projecting out to enhance the fighting skills of the swordmasters. At this point every necromancers worst nightmare occurred - instability! Every undead unit had to test. One unit of skeletons was actually given extra strength - but scored no hits. A unit of zombies became confused. A unit of skeletons lost 4 of its members to the whims of the instability flux. In the next turn the swordmasters - boosted by the zone of steadfastness - made a whopping 30 attacks against the summoned skeleton unit, slaughtering it. Nagashor cast the Curse of Undeath on Telion, pumping extra CPs into the spell to make it irresistible - and Telion slowly started to rot away, doomed to become one of the walking dead. The swordmasters continued their killing spree, causing the unit of zombies led by Nagashor to rout. The recently undead Telion turned on his erstwhile comrade, slaying Sorelor completely dead. The Dragon Princes made a last charge causing the zombies and Nagashor to flee from the battlefield, leaving the elves in control of the plains of Slaybraham. But it was a hollow victory, for Telion, their mightiest hero, flew away as an undead thrall under the command of Nagashor.