Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Battle of Misery Mire

Telion having fled the doomed town of Glorahna, Caradryan took over command of the elves remaining forces and brought the pursuing undead under Nagashor the Great to battle in misery mire.
The forces arrayed for battle, elves on the left, undead on the right.
Nagashor immediately summoned a skeleton minor hero, because you just can't have enough skeletons of any kind, really. Elven archers with their mighty elf bows (Strength 4!) slew a few skeletons. The elf wizard cast fireballs, the necromancer replied with lightning bolts. A few more fire balls and the elite skeleton unit was utterly destroyed. The lightning bolts were disappointingly ineffective. Solenor, the elf mage tried to cast Steal Mind on the necromancer, who was forced to use many CP's to resist it.

After several turns of mucking about in the...uh, muck, the lines met.

But Sir, I'm getting my pretty elf armour all icky!

The elves met with initial success, scoring a pushback on the skeletons, but the skeletons advanced their entire horde. The elves started failing fear tests and fled. Caradryan withdrew the rest of his army, the archers without a causalty, the spearmen having fled before getting too slaughtered. Nagashor claims misery mire for himself.

A mysterious beast with glowing green eyes watches from the depths of the swamp.

My second game of warhammer 2nd. I ignored the advanced rules, things went much more quickly and smoothly. This seems like a good game to paint up whatever units I feel like painting in no particular order or series. Thanks for reading!