Saturday, June 9, 2012

Assault on the Tower of Sorcery

After his loss to the horrible high elves, Yohan fled for refuge into his Tower of Sorcery. The Tower is cloaked in a shroud of darkness making missile, magic or flying into it impossible. The tower also allows any wizard within to cast spells far farther than normal.

The elves have pursued Yohan to his tower to prevent him regrouping and forming another army.

The armies: High Elves: Telor "the Coward", level 25 atop his griffon. Lomsec, level 15 wizard. 16 Archers (BS 5!), and 16 warrior kindred, 1097 pts and 34 figures.
Telor on griffon, archers, warrior kindred.

The Undead: Skullgore the level 25 undead hero with his Sword of Ferocity (+1A), Yohan the level 15 necromancer, two level 15 undead champions, 30 skeletons and 30 zombies. 1081 pts and 64 figures.

Skeletons with Skullgore, Yohan atop his tower, zombies with undead champion.

Telor ordered his army to advance. The archers marched forward a short distance, then let fly wave after wave of arrows into the zombies as they shambled forward. Most of the zombies were killed, but a few entered combat. The undead champion inflicted a wound on Lomsec, but Lomsec finished him off with a blast of fireballs at point blank range. The warrior kindred assaulted the skeletons, fighting back and forth for several turns. Skullgore, despite being a level 25 hero, did his best to miss almost every time, even with his extra attack! Telor then charged the skeleton unit in the flank, and between him, his griffon and the warrior kindreds, the skeletons were pushed back until they were forced to take an instability test and faded from physical reality. Yohan knew he was doomed, so ran out the towers secret passage, cursing his luck and planning revenge on the elves who had defeated him.

Thoughts: I like how griffons and some other critters work: You roll on a chart for each stat to see what you get, so not all griffons are created equal!

The end of the game. The skeletons had no physical substance
and were incapable of causing harm after a terrible instability