Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raging Elves, and incompetence.

The Elves demand vengeance! Having lost so many innocent elves to early deaths, so much prancing and mincing wasted, the elves formed a particularly bad-arsed army to attack the undead and their hated zombie dragon. The elves: Lomsec the Level 4 wizard with Sword of Degeneration, Caradryan with his sword of strength, 16 archers with arrows of potentcy, two units of 16 spearelves and 10 swordmasters, S:5.

Lomsec with 16 archers garrison a tower on the Elven right flank.

Spears, swordmasters, more spears. The tower is on the hill on the left.

Facing them: Vlad on his Dragon, two units of 30 skeletons each, 30 zombies and 10 ghouls.

Zombies, skels, skels, zombie dragon.
The Elven strategy was simple: Kill that dragon! With S6,T6, W10 and 6A it was by far the undeads greatest asset, and if killed left very few problems for the elves to face...of course, killing it could be a problem.

Before the battle even started, Lomsec cast Aura of Invulnerability on himself, letting him ignore his first 4 wounds. As the horns rang to start the battle, all the archers shot at the dragon. Their arrows of potentcy gave S4 elf-bows +1S, but only caused a single wound on the dragon. Then Lomsec cast Blast on the dragon for d6 S8 wounds, but only rolled a 1 followed by a 1 to wound, meaning no damage! Bad luck for the elves. The dragon then charged the archers. Lomsec fought Vlad with his Sword of Degeneration and scored a wound. This meant that at the start of every turn, Vlad would take a wound on a roll of 6. This never happened at all in the game. The vampire and dragon fought the elves atop the tower, and then a spearelf unit charged the dragon as well. However in the end the archers were killed, the spears routed, and Lomsec was MIA. Vlad spent the next while turning his lumbering steed about to charge fresh targets. In the center of the battlefield, the swordmasters fought skeletons and ghouls, holding their ground bravely and routing the ghouls.

Then, out of the flaming wreckage of the tower, emerged a haggard figure: It was Lomsec! Following a roll on the character causalty table it turned out he had only suffered a concussion. Back in the battle he cast a major spell: Cause Instability. Every undead unit had to roll under its will power or face a roll on the instability chart. Every undead unit failed its willpower roll and was forced to face instability. The zombies and one unit of skeletons dissappeared, while the remaining skeletons lost several members of their unit. Vlad was unaffected. This is why I put "incompetence" in the title of this post: If Lomsec had cast that spell earlier things might have been different. His luck didn't last, he was soon roasted by dragon fire. After this the game was over and I called it a day. Here's a look at what was left:

The only units left: Zombie Dragon, Sword Masters, Skeletons.
The sword masters were doing fine against the skeletons. The zombie dragon would need a turn to face them, then another turn to charge. The swordmasters decided that discretion was the better part of valour and retreated in good order before having to fight the dragon, and held their heads high having won a moral, if not an actual victory.