Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Raid to Rescue Caradryan

Caradryan the Silent has been captured by the hideous beastmen for use in one of their foul sacrifices. Caradryan is a great elven hero and must be rescued at all costs. Lomsec the mage has assembled a force to attack the tower and save Caradryan's soul from being condemned forever to the Realm of Chaos. Meanwhile, Yohan the necromancer has received word from his ally Malagor the Dark Omen, beastman shaman, that the beastmen are outnumbered and need reinforcements. Yohan summons a small unit of skeletons and marches quickly to aid his evil ally and punish the hated elves. Will they arrive in time?

The forces:
Beastmen: Malagor the Beastman shaman - Level 15, poison fangs, poison claws.
Bazor the beastman champion: Level 15, Frostblade, Magically Inscribed Armour and Protective runes. Various mutations, including obesity, extra toughness (T7!) and, crucially, stupidity!
14 beastmen with razor sharp claws, and hideous mutations giving them an especially fearsome appearance.

The elves: Lomsec the level 15 mage, 5 silverhelms, two groups of 16 spear-armed warrior kindred (the green and blue) and 12 archers.

The undead relief force: Yohan the level 5 necromancer and 20 skeletons.

The beastmen defend the tower to the left, the elves approach from the right.
The skeletons are expected to march up from the bottom along the road.
Malagor is atop the tower.

Bazor the Beast leads his unit aimlessly, tempting the silver helms
to charge - and they did!
The skeleton reinforcements advance.
Bazor started off the battle by going stupid. He led his unit forward, drooling and scratching his behind. Malagor summoned 8 lesser demons. The silver helms tried to charge the mutant beastmen, but couldn't summon the nerve. Soon after the beastmen, still being led by stupid Bazor, wandered of to their right, completely exposing their flank. The silverhelms duly charged in and a bloody melee developed. Lomsec cast a fireball at the demons, killing 3. The silverhelms fought several rounds of combat against the beasts before they routed and all died to the victorious elves free hacks - except for Bazor, who managed to escape howling into the wilderness, not sure what had happened but very angry about it. The silver helms overran into the demons and started another melee, the blue warrior kindred quickly joined in as well. Under the combined assault the demons quickly evaporated. At this point, the skeletons on the road from the south arrived, led by Yohan. Were they in time?  Yohan quickly summoned a skeleton champion, then charged his unit into the spearmen. Yohan quickly went down, but the skeletons persevered under the leadership of their new champion.

The elves attack Malagor, Caradryan lies bound in the
At the tower, the blue elf kindred burst open the door and four interpid elves charged into the tower. More elves kept piling in every turn, and untied Caradryan. He borrowed a weapon and shield from a trooper, and fought a heroic one on one duel with Malagor. They fought several rounds until Caradryan struck a nasty wound to his erstwhile captor. Malagor snarled his rage and cast a spell. He disappeared in a puff of noxious smelling smoke and was nowhere to be found. The skeletons had meanwhile lost their champion, then faded in a bout of instability. The elves had rescued their comrade, defeated the beasts and slaughtered the relief troops as well. A major victory for the high elves.

Thoughts: The crucial part of this battle was when I rolled the stupidity mutation for Bazor. Otherwise with his magic items and helpful mutations, he was the most bad-arsed killing machine on the table. But once he was stupid, he never managed to get into combat personally and his unit was routed while he tried to figure out what was going on. The whims of Chaos! A fun scenario game, I enjoyed it.