Thursday, June 14, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served bloody

Still smarting from their last trouncing by the Elves, the Undead realized they needed to really shake things up. I have a house rule for solo gaming: the losing army can completely change their army list, by the winners have to use the same as before. So the Undead booted out Vlad and his dragon, and Skullgore the undead hero took the helm. Here's the lists:

Elves: Same as last time; Telor+Griffon, Lomsec the level 15 mage, 2 units of 14 warrior kindred with champion (blue spearmen and green spearmen), great weapon kindreds with champ and archers with champion. 55 figures.

The Undead: 3 units of skeletons, two of 20, one of 10. All had level 15 champions armed with hell-honed blades. Two units of 20 zombies with champions, 20 ghouls with champion and Skullgore with Frostblade and Magically Inscribed Armour. Very useful gear! 117 figures total.

The battlefield laid out.
The Battle: Turn 1: Both armies advanced on each other.
Turn 2: Skullgore and his skeletons routed and slaughtered the great weapon kindred with free hacks. This panicked the Green Spearmen who left the table.
Turn 3: Telor fought against skeletons, causing instability which removed four. Skullgore, his skeletons and another unit put a serious beating on the blue spear kindreds.
Turn 4: Lomsec, on his third attempt (missing twice before due to range) ran right up to Skullgores unit and cast Steal Mind. Being undead, Skullgore didn't get a magic save and was instantly effected. He became mindless for the rest of the game. Telor, fighting againt skeletons, zombies and ghouls was finally routed and fled the table. He's really good at that, and people once more started calling him "Telor the Coward".
Turns 5 and 6: The archers launched two more volleys on skeletons, but just barely missed destroying a unit. Turn 6, game over. My first 3rd edition game to go all 6 turns. The undead had remaining Skullgore (mindless for another turn), 3 out of 5 undead champions, 24 out of 50 skeletons, 36 out of 40 zombies and 20/20 ghouls.
The elves however had only Lomsec and 13 archers left, all three units of warrior kindred and Telor having been killed or fled.

Thoughts: A very fun game, it lasted long enough, and it's fun to see the undead win again.
The battlefield at the end of turn 6.