Friday, June 8, 2012

Third Edition and Revenge of the Elves

I got my Third Edition books in the mail the other day! What better way to celebrate than a little tabletop slaughter?

Yohan the Necromancer has been magically preparing the Lonely Graveyard for weeks with countless incantations and dweomers. Soon this vast repository of charnal might will arise and swell his army to gigantic proportions. But the High Elves know all about their plans, informed by the birds and beasts of necrotic activity. So Lomsec the Elvish wizard leads a strike force to thwart the undeads plans. Yohan summons his ally Skullgore and the skeletons and zombies he currently has, and battle is joined!
The lonely graveyard. Ten skeletons with Skullgore on the left, 20 zombies with Yohan on the right. The elvish archers and just behind the hill on the left (with Lomsec) , the Shore Riders behind the forest on the right. 
 Yohan summons an undead hero to bolster his zombie unit. The Shore Riders kill 2 zombies with their bows, while the archers (with Bs 5!) kill 4 skeletons. Yohan set his zombies marching directly to the Shore Riders, while Skullgore sent his skeletons marching into the woods to get some cover. Yohan kept summoning zombies to replace losses from archer fire, and found time to cast Hand of Death on himself. Lomsec and his archers kept on the hill. Lomsec cast Leg Break on Skullgore, slowing him down to half movement, meaning his skeletons would take even more punishment from the archers atop the hill as they approched. In the end he elected to simply stay put in the woods the rest of the game. Better to do nothing than be slaughtered for no reason! But there was more action on the right: the Shore Riders charged the zombies and a bitter battle was started. Yohan killed one Shore Rider with his hand of death, but the elves did just enough wounds to win every round of combat. The worst thing for the undead was that every lost combat resulted in an Instability test which cost them many zombies, including their standard bearer, until Yohan fled for safety leaving his zombies to die again.

Victory for the High Elves! A long time coming. Lomsec doused the Lonely Graveyard liberally with holy water and magical blessings, ensuring it could not easily be used to stage any mass raising of undead. Yohan fled into the wilderness, plotting his revenge...

Thoughts: So I've played Third Edition! There's a lot of rules in there, I'm sure I got all sorts of things wrong but its ok because it was still fun. I'll try and polish up my rules knowledge a bit and continue the Elf/Undead saga of this blog. Thanks for reading!