Thursday, June 26, 2014

Duel to the Death at Castle Auvernge

Day4: Lorn the Swashbuckler takes 120 Armoured foot and 400 longbowmen from castle Daventry and marches west towards castle Auvernge.

Day 5: Lorn and his men arrive to attempt to take the castle and its reduced strength garrison by storm.

Montidine (on the right) and 60 knights charge out of castle Auvernge, trying to get at the
longbowmen. Crossbow shoot from the ramparts. All 60 knights die to a volley from the 400 archers.

Montidine fights the archers alone, while Lorn and his cronies march around to his flank.

Montidine slaughters many archers in melee, but their numbers ensure the battle is a draw. Lorn marchers closer.

Montidine and Lorn engage in one on one combat, watched by Lorns soldiers.

After several rounds of brutal melee, Montidine slays Lorn in a flurry of blade and blood. Lorns claim to the duchy dies with him. Lorns soldiers pragmatically swear to served Montidine.

So...Montidine now owns castle Auvernge and Daventry, with a total army of 160 armoured foot, 260 archers and 200 crossbowmen.

His main rival Gustav Flaubert owns castles Greenstorm and G'stadt, with a total army of 400 archers, 160 pikemen, 200 hand gunners and 100 crossbows.

Nodron wanders in the wilderness with only 20 orcs.

Only the fates know who will win.

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