Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Shattered Duchy - A D&D/Chainmail mini campaign

Duke John had died, leaving his four vassal Barons to fight for control of the Duchy.

Baron Nodron the Thaumaturgist of Castle Greenstorm. 800 Orcs (Heavy foot) 10 hit points, knows sleep, charm person, phantasmal force, knock and fireball.

Lorn the Swashbuckler of castle Daventry. 18 hp, 200 armoured foot, 500 longbowmen.

Montidine the Myrmidon of castle Auvergne. 20 hp, 200 heavy horse (knights), 200 crossbowmen.

Gustav Flaubert the Hero of castle G'stadt. 15 hp, 400 longbowmen, 240 pikemen, 200 hand gunners, 100 crossbowmen.

Day 1: Nodron takes 700 orcs and marchers north towards Auvernge.
Day 2: Gustav takes 200 longbowmen, 120 pikes and 100 handgunners towards Castle Greenstorm, hoping to storm it while Nodron is away.
Day 3: Nodron and his Orcs reach castle Auvernge, Montidine brings out his knights to fight, while leaving his crossbowmen in the castle. Gustav also reaches castle green storm, garrisoned by 100 orcs.

Battle Report, battle for Castle Auvernge.

Nodron the Thaumaturgist with 700 orcs vs. Montidine with 200 knights and 200 crossbowmen.

Montidine and his men. Montidine stays in the castle, wary of Nodrons Charm Person spells.

700 orcs and Nodron.

Nodron blasts the knights with a fireball, killing 80 of them. The remaining knights charge into the orcs
and are flanked.

The knights kill more orcs, but the orcs have the advantage of numbers and force the knights back,
albeit in good order.

The horde of orcs presses closer to the castle, taking causalties from crossbowmen. The knights retreat
into the castle and dismount.

Nodron casts "knock", magically opening the castle gate. Brutal fighting ensues as only 20 men vs. 20 orcs can fight through the gate, and superior numbers don't count. Eventually Nodron calls off the attack and retreats, taking heavy crossbow causalties. The knights remount and pursue.

Nodron and only 20 orcs manage to escape. Montidine calls off the pursuit, knowing he'll
need all his knights to defend castle Auvernge from other Barons.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll get a chance to fight the battle of Castle Greenstorm soon.