Thursday, June 5, 2014

Field of Glory - for some

500 points Field of Glory - Later Medieval Scots (Britain) vs. Hundred Years War English (Britain)

3 Troop Commanders
4 BG's of 8 Spearmen each
1 BG of 4 Scottish knights on horse
1 BG of 4 French knights on horse (slightly better than the Scottish knights)

2 Troop Commanders (I accidentally deployed 3, and one did nothing all battle anyway)
3 BG's of 4 Dismounted men at arms
4 BG's of 8 longbowmen each

500 pts is a fairly small game for Field of Glory, but when playing in 28mm the armies fill my 6 foot table from end to end.

Engish right flank.

English left flank. The unfortunate forest in the middle of the
deployment zone split the army in two.

Scottish right flank. The pivotal Scottish men at arms are on the left of the picture.

Scottish left flank. French men at arms anchor this flank. In spite of being rated
Superior, they performed much more poorly than their Scottish counterparts!

The English stay put turn after turn, until the Scottish arrive in longbow range.
The Scottish units suffered some minor disruption and a base loss.

Bring the pain! Scottish men at arms smash into English archers. In the back
ground some Scottish spearmen flee.

The archers break, the  Scots pursue them right off the table...

...while the French men at arms fragment, doing very poorly.

But Scottish spearmen, showing much more heart than their French allies,
break English men at arms and kill their commander, leaving this flank without

After trampling the English archers, the Scots knights flank charge the English
left  flanks men at arms, causing fragmentation and enough attrition points to win.

Victory to Scotland! The Scots ended the game with 3 out of 6 attrition points, 2 from broken French knights, one from a fragmented unit of spearmen. The English lost all 7 of their attrition points for a loss.

I really like Field of Glory. It's a great way to get a bazillion figures on the table and still finish fairly quickly! Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.