Friday, June 27, 2014

The Duchy reunited

Day 6: Montidine takes 80 armoured foot and 160 archers south, marching towards castle Greenstorm.

Day 7: Montidine arrives and assaults castle Greenstorm, defended by Gustav with 200 archers, 40 pikes and 100 hand gunners.

Montidine and his small force approach the castle, shooting arrows at the
defenders that chose to form up outside the walls.

Archery destroys the hand gunners, Montidine and his men slay the pikemen in melee.

Montidine and his only surviving men flee the murderous archery from the castle.
 A big loss for Montidine, though he did slay dozens of the enemy.

Day 8: Gustav leaves castle Greenstorm by himself and travels back to castle G'stadt to obtain more troops. Montidine and the remnants of his army head north to castle Auvernge, but a few miles from home are ambushed by Nodron the Thaumaturgist and his twenty orcs. The only way home is through the ambush. Montidines archers are too few to inflict any real damage, so both they and their lord charge. Nodron uses both his charm spells on Montidine, but both fail. The orcs kill the archers in melee. Nodron then casts his fireball spell, obliterating Montidine.

Day 9: Gustav takes many soldiers from the garrison of castle G'stadt and marches north to castle Daventry, where the soldiers are currently without a master. Nodron approaches the walls of castle Auvernge in disguise, and manages to charm the captain into following him. Nodron now controls castle Auvernge.

Day 10: Gustav approaches the leaderless garrison of Daventry and offers to hire them into his service. They think about it, then agree.

Gustav Flaubert now controls castles Greenstorm, G'Stadt and Daventry with a total force of 500 longbowmen, 80 armoured foot, 300 crossbowmen, 120 pikemen and 100 hand gunners. Nodron controls castle Auvernge, 20 orcs and 200 crossbowmen. Facing these hopeless odds, Nodron takes his men (though many desert) and leaves the duchy, leaving Gustav Flaubert the new Duke.

This concludes my shattered Duchy campaign. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed reading it!