Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Battle of Castle Green Storm

Gustav Flaubert the Hero, of castle G'Stadt, has marched his retainers to castle green storm while most of its inhabitants are fighting to the north.

Gustavs force consists of 200 longbowmen, 120 pikemen and 100 hand gunners. The great god Fido
looks on the battlefield impassively.

60 orcs man the parapets, armed with longbows. 40 wait inside to defend the gate.

Gustavs forces charge forward to their quarry. The pikemen suffer 80 fatalities, but
the longbowmen quickly sweep all defenders off the ramparts.

With the battlements bare of defenders, it's just a matter of time before the
gate is smashed in. Gustav leaps forward at great personal risk to battle the
castles inhabitants.

Gustav quickly slaughters all 40 of the orcs, leaving him in uncontested control of castle Greenstorm.

It is the end of Day 3 of the War of the Shattered Duchy. Castle Greenstorm has fallen to Gustav, who now controls both his new conquest and Castle G'Stadt. The previous occupant, Nodron the Thaumaturgist, has no place to call home and only his spells and 20 orcs to rely on. Montidine the Myrmidon still holds castle Auvergne, but with many of his knights dead.