Monday, July 6, 2015

1000 pts WAB HYW

I had so much fun playing Warhammer Ancients the other day, I decided to play again. Henry V wants some revenge!

The French
Robert Count of Marle
8 Knights
7 Knights
12 Genoese Crossbowmen
14 French Crossbowmen

= 1003 pts
Robert went with the unit of 7 knights.

The English
Henry V
Earl of Oxford
Sir John Cheyney
25 Veteran Longbowmen
25 Veteran Longbowmen
18 Billmen

=1001 pts
All three characters went with the Billmen

The game will last 4 turns.

French Knights march across the battlefield towards the English on the hills.

Now the next picture was eaten by my computer, but it showed the right flank French stopping just in front of the archers, ready to charge from too close to be shot at. The left flank knights stopped further away to avoid getting charged by the billmen.

The French knights charge! The archers in this picture suffered badly, and broke...

The Billmen weren't phased, but the right flank archers broke as well! The Billmen feel lonely, but they've got King Henry with them...

And after two rounds of bloody combat, the French knights fled, and were caught! 

So the French lost one unit of knights, but the English lost 50 archers. The final score was France 777 to Englands 637, for a French win by 140 pts. It was more fun than the game I played in my last post, much closer. The Billmens success had as much to do with their rank bonus as much as Henry and friends wielding their great swords. The fleeing knights were caught because their Heavy Armour, Shield and Barding slowed them down to 6", so they only had a flee move of 2d6.

Anyway I had fun, and I hope you enjoyed this little battle report.