Thursday, July 2, 2015

Warhammer Ancients Battles - HYW Skirmish

It's been far too long since I played with my Medieval figures, and there's no time like the present! I chose WAB, and in spite of the fact I haven't played it in quite some time the rules came back easily. That's a testament to the many years I've been playing war hammer in some version or other!

The French HYW
General - Robert, Count of Marle
Waleran de Raneval - Noble
Two units of 6 knights.
Two units of 17 crossbowmen.

The English
Henry V
The Earl of Oxford and Sir John Cheyney.
Two units of 10 Knights, dismounted.
Two units of 17 Veteran archers each.

Both armies were 1000 pts.

The French deployed for battle. Crossbowmen on the flanks, knights in the center.

The English: Archers, knights, archers, knights.

The whole battlefield, dice and all. In the lower right is my shiny new ruler...the old one was used so much the numbers were starting to wear off!

The bellicose English march forward on their first turn.

KeeRUNCH! French knights crash unto unarmoured archers.

The archers run away, considering new careers in turnip farming.

The other archers fared no better. The english knights turn around to confront their enemies.

The near english unit failed their charge, and brace themselves in defence. The English in the distance take the fight to their enemies with a triumphant hurrah!

Unfortunately  the English have no luck against their mounted opponents. Henry V fights Robert in heroic combat and scores two wounds, but it is all for nought as the French gang up on the lonely remaining unit.

So the French win! Yes, I know the English could have used stakes, but that takes all the fun out of playing with mounted knights. It was fun to play medieval war hammer again, hope you liked the pictures.