Thursday, July 16, 2015

1500 pts WAB HYW

I've painted a bunch of new French knights, so now I can play 1500pts without having to take hordes of crossbowmen. How will my freshly painted figures do?

The French
Robert Count of Marle
Waleran de Raneval
12 Genoese Crossbowmen
Two units of 18 regular crossbowmen
Two units of 11 knights each!

The English
Henry V
Earl of Oxford and Sir John Cheyney
14 Dismounted knights
Three units of 22 Archers each

French on the left, from front: X-bows, Knights, knights, Genoese and french x-bows in behind. On the right, from rear: Archers, dismounted knights, archers, archers.

Clearer shot of the french.

The English

French knights trot across the battlefield, working their way up to a charge.

The knights start to feel the sting of the longbowmen.

Disaster! The French charge, breaking archers and english knights, and panicking more archers. They head for the hills. However, Waleran de Raneval alone remains of his unit.

The sole remaining archers unit turns, wheels and shoots at Waleran, taking his last wound. Some much needed points for the English.

End of the game. On the left are three units of crossbowmen. On the right the only English left, plus French knights.
Victory to France! The points were 1603 for France to 607 for England. A simple game, but I had fun none the less. Hope you liked it.