Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Second Battle of Ath - 100 days/100 years Campaign turn 2

The French general Bocicault attacks Sir John Cheyney in Ath. Sir John hasn't had time to rally his army since the last battle, but suffers only minor losses to attrition. Robert of Marle takes his army west, hoping for the opportunity to cut English supply lines. Waleran takes his men to Mons but is halted prematurely by the wet weather. The Earl of Oxford heads to Enghien.

The English

The French

The French gallop across the battlefield, but Boucicaults unit is quickly winnowed by archery. 

French knights and crossbowmen march towards the English. Boucicault is left all alone in the center.

French knights on their left flank rout the billmen, and panic the archers.

Advancing french crossbowmen near the beleaguered english - only two archers remain on the hill after heavy crossbow fire.

A reduced unit of knights fights archers. They plink back and forth for the rest of the battle.

English dismounted knights turn to their right to receive a charge from French knights. A bitter battle ensued.

But the English win, and the French flee and are caught.

But the English lose in the end - their knights would have to brave the bolts of these three units of crossbowmen, so instead they yield the field of honour to the French.

I'm really enjoying my Hundred Days campaign transferred to the Hundred years war.