Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Battle of the Tomb of Zorgar the Terrible

Caradryan the Hero and Nozalor the Illusionist spent days perusing forgotten tomes of lore, looking for any hint that might help them raise there lord and friend Telion from his curse of Undeath. In one particularly odious and musty tome bound in human skin, they discovered that an Orange Orb of Life was concealed in the Tomb of Zorgar the Terrible. Nagashor the necromancer and Gorlin the Liche summon a horde to battle them. The elves also bring along Elena the Mage, her magical obsidian rod may come in handy.
The dead horde assembled to defend the tomb of Zorgar

The glittering elven host.

An elvish volley of arrows from their elf-bows (S4!) slays several zombies, the first of many such volleys. Nagashor replies by summoning 13 venomous ghouls. Gorlin the Liche casts 'Cause Stupidity' on the swordmasters, making them almost helpless in the coming battle. Elven spearmen rout the zombies on the undead right flank, who then flee the table. The dragon princes engage in combat with skeletons and ghouls, eventually destroying them, but not without losing some of their number to the ghouls horrible venom.  Gorlin later summons more ghouls, while the swordmasters, still suffering from stupidity, wander aimlessly off the battlefield. Elena casts Zone of Steadfastness with a unit of spearelves within range, thus giving them and Caradryan their leader 3 times the regular number of attacks. They quickly rout their enemies. A unit of summoned skeletons closes in of the spearelves flank, when Nozalor saves the day by creating the illusion of a large building directly in their way, preventing the skeletons from completing their charge. Nagashor and Gorlin were low on magical power, while the entire elven army, minus the swordmasters, was still in fine fighting form. They fled the field, letting their creations be slaughtered to hide their escape. The elves held the battlefield and the tomb! Caradryan entered the musty tomb and returned bearing the Orange Orb of Life, giving hope to their cause. While in the tomb, recently disturbed both by Caradryans grave robbing and the slaughter and necromantic magic swirling about, something stirs...
This illusory building saved the spearelves from a flank charge.

Flank and rear protected, the elves pursue the poor, innocent ghouls.

Thoughts: In Warhammer 2nd, magic is really important! A successful cause stupidity spell can nullify a mighty unit, while zone of steadfastness can turn any unit into a killer. Plus I still think its funny when zombies rout and run for their 'lives'. Characters, especially wizards, cost a ton of points. The liche was 900 points, the necromancer over 700, and this out of a total army size of just 1800 pts. And there's lots of cool spells to choose from, the illusions are quite neat. Until next time!