Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fantasy Warriors 1200pts.

Tonight I dug out Fantasy Warriors. I recently painted a bunch of plastic orc infantry from em4 (dirt cheap) so of course I wanted to try them out. Here's the armies:

Warchief and Battleleader, both level 3.
Wizard with 50 magic points.
2 Heroes.
10 Archers
3 units of 15 infantry each (my new guys) and a giant Juggernaut.

Orc army: Juggernaut, 3 units of infantry, archers.
Warchief and Battleleader, both level 4
Wizard with 50 magic points.
Cannon with 7 crew.
10 crossbowmen, 10 spearmen and 10 dwarves great axes.

The smaller Dwarf Army: Cannon, 2H axes, spearmen, crossbows.

The orcs out-scouted the dwarves, so the dwarves had to deploy first. The game also started at night, which is good for orcs who don't function as well during the day. This being the first hour of the night, it would be a while before the Dwarves saw dawn, if ever.

Turn 1: To start things off the orc wizard cast Eldritch command, telling the scouting orcs to stop Holding and start Opposing. The whole orc army advanced. The dwarf cannon fired, but it was a dud and the ammo was wasted.

Turn 2: The cannon fired yet another dud, but the orcs had more luck using their mystic might to summon a hideous fiend!
The Fiend approches in dark majesty. The wizard is the little red dude next to him.
Fiends are fun in fantasy warriors. You must spend a random number of magic points to control them every turn, failure spelling disaster. And it takes points to banish them too, so don't wait too long!

Turn 3: Orc archers kill 3 of the dwarf cannon crew, which also fired another dud. Three duds in a row, and you only get six shots.

Turn 4: The cannon actually killed a few archers with some lacklustre shooting, but the archers then killed another crewman.

Turn 5: A big turn for the orcs: The juggernaut tore apart the crossbow unit, while the fiend and his orc buddies routed the unit of axe dwarfs.
My killer Juggernaut. That's a really heavy miniature. 

And the fiend tears apart his share of dwarves too.

Turn 6: The cannon fired again, killing seven dwarves but it was too little too late. The dwarves had one unit left, while the orc army was at almost full strength. The dwarf wizard and warchief scampered away, and the orcs ruled the battlefield.

Fun game. I liked playing with my new troops. Thanks for reading!