Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Swift Victory

Armies same as last time. This time I rolled a random scenario and got "Surprise Attack".  Whoever finishes deploying first gets extra moves.

English in the foreground. The French knights have taken their bonus move.

The French knights got a single bonus move, hoping to use it to take less shooting as they approached the English. The archers replied to their speediness by killing a whopping seven of the French, their cloth barding no protection against arrows. Undeterred, the French charged next turn, but in a withering hail of arrows (stand and shoot) were wiped out to a man, Count Waleran included! One French crossbow unit panicked and fled.

The Knights are gone, the leftmost crossbowmen are fleeing off the table.
The Pink Eraser of the Gods sits unobtrusively on the rightmost hill.

Enraged, the remaining French crossbowmen aimed all of their shots at Henry himself, who had advanced his unit, perhaps unwisely. But it came to naught as Henry ducked and one of his knights died instead. 

The final score heavily favoured the English. English archery is dangerous!

Thanks for reading!