Sunday, April 20, 2014

WRG 6th, Swiss vs. Italian Condotta

Time to dig out that old dinosaur, WRG 6th. I love a game that keeps track of individual soldiers. It's more fun when your knights kill 72 men, not 3 figures. It's more fun to have 200 knights, not 10 figures.

The Swiss

Two units of 560 pikemen, one with the general, and a further unit of 640 pikemen. (See how awesome that sounds?)
180 knights
400 Halberdiers

The Italian Condottiere

Two units of 300 knights, one with the general
3 Bombards
480 Crossbowmen
300 Handgunners

Turn 1
The Swiss advance all along the line. Italian shooting does minimal damage.

Turn 2
The Swiss knights charge the handgunners, killing 72 and breaking them. No one else breaks as a result.

Turn 3
Swiss knights charge the Italian generals unit. The Generals unit is Reg C and fails to countercharge. This is a disaster. They take far more causalties than they cause and break.

Swiss knights in the foreground breaking the Italians. Swiss pikes
in the background advance, ready to charge next turn.
Turn 4
The whole Swiss line charges. The Italians, disheartened from two broken units, including the general, all flee. Their all C morale grade, so that didn't help.

Swiss win! The entire Italian army fled the table, and the Swiss only took about 80 pikemen causalties from shooting and 26 knights dead from their brief combat. Fun game.