Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meeting Engagement

Time to try out the meeting engagement scenario in WAB. I love that WAB has all these balanced scenarios to try, most historical games don't have those. It's Henry V vs. Count Waleran again.

Herny V, general
The Earl of Oxford
15 Dismounted knights
Two units of 23 archers with stakes

Count Waleran, general
14 Knights
Two units of 20 crossbowmen

English on the left. The right flank archers used their free 4" movement to advance
and set up their stakes.

The crossbowmen on the left sensibly concealed themselves behind a hedge.

Those archers in the woods thought they were clever taking the woods like that.

The knights marched right across the table. Then the archers abandoned their
stakes to bring more fire to bear - then got charged, stakeless. They broke.

The english archers rallied. Then the english dismounted knights charged the french knights in the flank, breaking them. The
english archers wave their two fingers in the air as the french knights gallop away.

The french knights rallied and turned to face their english adversaries. The two units of knights fought for several turns. Waleran and Henry fought a challenge, with Waleran suffering two wounds to Henrys none. Neither side broke. 

At game end, neither side had lost a unit or character. The only victory points gained were 100 pts for table quarter, which each side could clain once. So it was a tie!

Thanks for reading!