Sunday, April 13, 2014

First try at Warhammer Ancients Battles

I missed out on Warhammer Ancients Battles (WAB) when it was in print, because I was so busy playing the fantasy version. But I was able to pick up the version 1.0 rule book and more importantly the Armies of Chivalry supplement. So now I have an excuse to paint more medieval figures!

A classic game, this is the 1.5 version.

This book gives you the rules for my favourite period - The late middle ages.

The English army 

Henry V, General
Sir John Cheyne, noble (well, really a knight but you get it)
Dismounted Knights x 16
Two units of veteran archers, 20 each with stakes

The French Army
Waleran de Ribeval, general
Count Robert de Marle, noble
Knights x12
Two units of crossbowmen, 16 each

Each army was about 1000 points.

Henry and Sir John both set up with their dismounted knights, Waleran and Robert with theirs.

The French: Lowly peasant crossbowmen, heroic knights, more peasants.

The English: Archers, dismounted knights, more archers.

The view from the english left flank. There was also a hill
in the foreground.
Turn 1: The french crossbowmen cheered as they slew several english archers, but their tune changed when they lost more causalties from the return fire.

Turn 2: More of the same shooting, but the french knights advance.

The French knights advance. Their crossbowmen were getting the worst of it.

Turn 3: The chivalry of France charge the english and wreak great havoc amongst the english knights. The "First Charge Rule" means that a mounted knight units first charge of the game is especially deadly, but then their horses are tired from carrying around all the heavy armour and subsequent charges are at normal effect. Still, cold comfort to Henry V as his unit flees, taking him with it. A sad day for England's knights.The right flank archers also fled in panic on seeing their beloved monarch scamper away. The remaining archers turned about and wheeled, bringing most of their bows into firing arc of the knights.

Turn 4: The french knights reformed to prepare to charge the last unit of english. The desperate archers shooting does little.

Turn 5: The French knights smashed into the English archers, killing some and sending others running away screaming.

The end of the English.

Big victory for the French!

What did I learn? Well...I learned I love medieval battles regardless of who wins, and playing with a system based off my favourite rules of all time is a sure fire winner! Now, what do I paint next?

Thanks for reading!