Sunday, April 20, 2014

WRG 6th, Swiss vs. Italians - the Revenge

Italians on the left, Swiss on the right
360 Knights
120 Mounted Crossbowmen
560 Pikemen
400 Halberdiers
240 Halberdiers
160 Handgunners
160 Crossbowmen

The Swiss. Only 1 unit of pikemen, unusual for me
380 Knights
380 Knights
1 Bombard

Loads of Knights with a bombard in the middle

Turn 1
Both sides advance, minimal causalties from shooting
Turn 2
One unit of Italian knights charges, the other fails its reaction test. That's C class morale for you!
Turn 3
The other Knights manage to charge, and break the mounted crossbowmen.
Turn 4
Swiss halberdiers recoiled, Swiss knights broken.
Turn 5
Swiss handgunners flee. Swiss pull off their best move of the game, charging Italian knights in the flank with their pikemen. But it doesn't matter, the knights kill many halberdiers and don't break.
Turn 6
The Swiss pikes flee due to the demoralizing effect of the rest of their army running away.

Italians win! The whole Swiss army fled, but the Italians took almost a 100 causalties. Still, a big win.

So that's Swiss 1 and Italians 1.
Near the end of the battle, Swiss running away


  1. WRG 6th! Hey, that's great, friendlyfungus! I still haven't dug mine out yet. And also I'm always a bit anxious before attempting it - I find the rulebook a slight monster to get around and I am not the greatest fan of the bookkeeping aspect. Although in your last post your excitement over the way casualities are handled was quite infectious! How long does a WRG 6th usually take you to play out? Also, great looking armies too!

    1. It was your recent comment about wrg 6th that got me thinking about trying it again - so thanks! The rulebook definitely is a monster. I haven't played in a while so I just ran everything as best I could remember, and kept the rules look-up to a minimum. Games seem not to last very long, maybe an hour or so for 1000 pts. The hardest part is making your army list, they can be hard to read with lots of options. Still it's a fun game for every once in a while. And thanks for the nice comment on my armies!