Monday, April 14, 2014

Run out of France

Time for the English to get some revenge on those nasty French guys. At least, that was the plan.

Mighty French knights flanked by lowly crossbowmen.
English Archers and Dismounted knights.

The armies were similar to those used in the last battle.

Henry V, general
Sir John Cheyne, noble
3 units of veteran archers, 2 of 18, one of 14
13 Dismounted Knights
998 pts, 65 figures

Waleran de Ribeval, general
Robert, Count de Marle, noble
13 Dismounted Knights
2 units of 18 crossbowmen each
1005 pts, 51 figures

The field of battle from the english left flank.

Turn 1
English archery killed seven knights! Things were definitely off to a good start for Henry.
Turn 2
The surviving knights ran down a unit of archers. All english passed their panic test.
The French knights re-enter the battlefield behind English lines.
The French crossbowmen in the woods make a charge later in the game.
Turn 3
The French knights re-enter the battle field, after charging away the archers. The english knights tried to charge them. This may have changed the whole game, but their full plate slowed them down and they couldn't quite make it.
Turn 4
The French knights paid back the English temerity with a charge of their own, and of course their mighty steeds took them far enough to succeed. Waleran challenged Henry, who took 2 wounds. Henry's knights fled.
Turn 5
Henry stiffened the resolve of his knights, just in time to get charged again. This time the english held.
Turn 6
The french crossbowmen finally finished walking through the forest, they then charged the english knights in the flank. They fled, game over.

France wins by 584 pts, over half the value of the game. Major win for France!

King Henry needs to stop playing tennis and find some better knights.

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  1. Great stuff, friendlyfungus! WAB is one of my most favourite sets to play so nice to see it being enjoyed still by others. Although the other day when I was revisiting your site I was inspired to break out the WRG 6th set. One day soon, I hope. And hey, I love the look of your games, especially on the bare table like that. Thanks for posting.

  2. That's neat you like the bare table. So do I, not only is it easy to slide figures around it just looks...old school. ;) I'm glad I could inspire someone to try a game too. Thanks for commenting, always appreciated.

  3. Remember Agincourt...
    Good to see that French people are able to win from time to time :P

    1. Yes, the French certainly seem to be doing very well in this fictional hundred years war. Of course, they did win the real war so it shouldn't be too surprising. ;)