Saturday, May 12, 2012

Autumn, Year 2 - Siege of Castle Hawkzen

Castle Hawkzen besieged.
The undead legions inexorably marched down the lost valley until they had besieged the elves in their castle. The elves were surrounded with no way out, and they had to win to survive. They were their kingdoms only hope.
The brave defenders.
The elven archers fired a deadly volley of arrows, killing a bat swarm. Nozalor the mage cast fireball, which destroyed the other bat swarm as well. Nagashor summoned a Skeleton Major Hero into his unit to help with storming the gate. Zombies charged the north wall and managed to take it, pushing the elven defenders back. This was not good, the siege had barely started and the enemy was all ready within the walls.
Zombies swarm over the poorly defended north wall.

Nagashor summoned 27 skeletons, creating a massive force before the castles gates. Telor on his Hippogriff sortied over the castle walls and engaged some ghouls, but was routed and fled right off the table. The seaguard defending the east wall were then also overrun by zombies.

Zombies swarm into Castle Hawkzens courtyard.
Ghouls then stormed the western wall as well. The final nail in the coffin was when the two units of skeletons assaulted and took the main gate. All was confusion in doomed Castle Hawkzen. There was nowhere to flee, and every single elf was slaughtered and turned into unliving thralls. Only Telor on his Hippogriff survived, having fled long and far several turns ago. Nagashor became the unquestioned ruler of the lost valley, ruling a kingdom of unending death.

Of course, ruling over an entire kingdom of undead slaves gets boring after awhile, so eventually Nagashor took up rug hooking. He actually became quite good.

Nagashors favourite rug.

 Hope you enjoyed my little campaign! Second Editions campaign rules are straightforward and balanced. They are specifically designed for only two armies which was fine by me, and work well with any army configuration. There were six turns in this campaign, which is about what I would like. I had fun and I hope you had fun reading!