Friday, May 18, 2012

Battle of the Bridge of Destiny - Spring, Year 1

Wouldn't it be cool to have terrain this awesome?
The inaugural battle of Lost Valley Campaign II begins. The elven archers start things off by killing two zombies, then Lomsec the elven mage killed three with a lightning bolt. Yohan the Unpleasant summoned 17 skeletons. The cool thing here is that unlike the last campaign, Yohan is using Summon Skeleton Horde instead of Raise Dead. He can only summon skeletons, but they don't automatically crumble at the end of every battle, so he can actually increase the size of his army as the battles progress. We'll just have to see if this makes a difference. Lomsec then cast a Steal Mind spell on Yohan, powering it up with 10 extra constitution points. Yohan, taking no chances used 10 points to power his will save and resisted the spell. The advancing zombies then crossed the bridge, while Yohan cast Hand of Death. This would allow him to cause an automatic wound for every hit. The spear elves then charged the zombies while Telor on his Hippogriff charged the summoned skeletons. The spear elves killed 2 zombies, while Yohan - with Hand of Death - killed 3 elves. The elves routed and fled off the table next turn. Telor had better luck, pushing back the skeletons. At this point Telor realized the game was over and retreated with his few surviving allies - Lomsec and 4 archers. The undead were left in possession of the bridge of destiny!

Causalties: 8 elves dead or fled for good. Two zombies gone as well. However, 12 of the skeletons that Yohan summoned were still standing, and can be used in the next battle.