Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer, Year 2

This battle was fought in the southern elf village. The undead horde continues its march down the valley, getting closer and closer to the elves castle and last refuge.
The undead horde on the left approaches the elven village.
Nagashor the necromancer summoned a skeleton major hero into his unit. The elves replied by shooting 12 zombies dead(er) with their mighty elf bows, and the next turn shot again reducing the unit to nothing. The skeletons in the center charged the elves, the spearelves holding and the lonely knight galloping away. The zombies and ghouls charged the seaguard, which held firm. After a short combat, the skeletons routed the spearelves right off the table. The ghouls and zombies accomplished the same feat against the sea guard. The elf archers, turning to their flank were able to kill 4 skeletons. Instability reared its potentially terrifying head at this point, but the undead were safely able to ignore its effects. At this point the only elves remaining were the archers with Nozalor the mage, and Telor upon his Hippogriff, locked in a stalemate with a pesky bat swarm. Telor sounded the retreat, saving his archers for the next and most important battle, the defense of the elven castle.

Causalties: The elves had permanent losses of 8 spear elves, 5 sea guard and 1 knight. The undead lost 8 zombies, 3 skeletons and 2 wounds worth of batswarms. They could afford their losses much more easily than their elven foes.
The end of the battle. Archers in the foreground retreating,
in the distance undead relentlessly marching on.

Rules note: When attacking flying creatures, either from the ground or air, the opponent always defends as ws 10. Hmm. This means it is impossible to hit flying creatures for the majority of troops. I made an on-the-spot ruling saying you could hit a flyer on a 6 to-hit. Don't want bat swarms to be invincible!