Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Lost Valley Campaign - Year 1, Spring

I thought I'd try and run a Lost Valley Campaign from the back of the Combat rulebook. In this campaign, the undead control the castle at the north end of the valley, while the elves control the castle and the southern end. Each half of the valley has a farm and a village, while in the center runs a river. Each army is 1000 pts, and I decided to try and use all of the advanced rules, especially for standards, special weapons, etc.

The Elves start with: Telor on his Hippogriff and Nozalor the Level 2 Illusionist. They lead a unit of 16 elves armed with spears. Opposing them are Nagashor the Level 4 necromancer and 60 zombies. Telor has a sword of initiative drain, and Nagashor has a sword that increases his toughness by 1, while draining his opponents toughness.

Zombies horde on the left, elven host on the right.
The first battle is fought over the bridge in the center of the valley. Nozalor casts illusionary buildings in front of the right flank zombies, preventing them from moving forward and effectively removing them for the entire game. Nagashor then summons 8 ghouls on his left flank. Telor swoops across the battlefield on his hippogriff, attacks and routs the ghouls, then overruns into the zombie unit with Nagashor in it. Nagashor quickly summoned a major skeleton hero that challenged Telor in a duel to the death. The hippogriff got wounded slightly, but in the end the skeleton hero was destroyed. Starting to worry, Nagashor created a Zone of Steadfastness, that would give his zombie unit 3 times as many attacks. But it was all for naught as the spear elves engaged them frontally and routed Nagashor and his zombies after a few turns of melee.

The Deathtoll
The elves suffered the loss of two spearmen, who recovered from their wounds ready to fight in the next battle. However Nagashor lost 15 zombies in his flight, leaving him with only 45. No characters were wounded in this battle.

Thoughts: These simple campaign rules were what originally drew me to this edition of warhammer. They seem fun!